Discover all the advantages of Acoustic line


High durability in time

All underlay products are subjected to high compressive loads due to the weight of the screed above. The underlay rubber latex are characterized by a very high stability in time. This feature, described by the parameter "creep" (creep), is certified by several tests performed at the University of Trieste. The subflooring DYNAMIC DPCM has a creep not higher than 5%, by far the best performance among the resilient materials currently available on the market.


Reduction of impact noise in restructuring

In renovation or reclamation, it is not always possible to use sound deadening under the sand-cement screed. In these cases, it is necessary to intervene with extremely reduced thickness directly on the existing floor with dry laying of products subfloor. FLOT-TEX is a product made of centrifuged latex rubber on which it is possible to install a new dry floating wood floor.


Stacked walls in brick

Properly designed brick walls in new construction should respect the principle of "layering." Stacked walls associated with soundproofing panels, with same thickness, provide superior performance compared to monolithic walls. SONARWOOD and ACOUSTICBAG, panels extensively tested in opera for over fifteen years, allow you to tackle all types of layered walls typical in Italian building.


Dry systems

The high density gypsum boards coupled with soundproofing membranes represent the most modern products to achieve the best results in the context of sound insulation, not only for renovations and new construction, but also to increase the performance of existing partitions. MASTERGIPS, GIPSLINE and sound block are plates that have now traced the history of acoustics dry building.