Who we were

In the nineties, ACUSTICA SISTEMI was born in Padua, a company which immediately revealed itself to be advanced for the level of innovation and quality of its products, for the spirit to face trials and ongoing research, and among the first companies in Italy to have an internal technical office staffed by acoustic designers and acoustic consultants.


Those years were characterized - in addtition to a favorable economic environment, reflected in the construction boom -by a lively cultural and professional impulse that led to the creation and definition of the first fundamental regulations regarding sound insulation and noise protection in the building, setting the pace of the company’s policy towards the highest quality standards.


With the availability of their own equipment to perform the sound level field tests, ACUSTICA SISTEMI engineers have dedicated themselves immediately to a wide experimentation in the field, with the opportunity to verify in a systematic and immediate way the results achieved with their products.


Thanks to the excellent preparation, the competence and wealth of experience gained by its technicians, regularly invited to hold seminars and conferences in the field of acoustics, the company has quickly become an important point of reference at the national level, not only for companies and applicators, but also for the world of designers.


The achievements made since the first years of activity are numerous and prestigious: the contribution to the reconstruction of the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the interventions of modernization of the RAI studios in Rome and Trieste, the realization of radio studios of noted private broadcasters and countless music halls, interventions for reducing reverberation in auditoriums, theaters, cafeterias and sports arenas, not to mention the thousands of residential construction works, directional and public and private trade.












Who we are

In 2013, in an economic context in rapid evolution, ACUSTICA SISTEMI has joined Eterno Ivica as an Acoustics Division, getting additional energy from a reality with 60 years of international experience in the waterproofing and floating floors sector. The new reality has allowed ACUSTICA SISTEMI to be able to rely on a more structured commercial network and of an even higher capacity of industrial production.


Today ACUSTICA SISTEMI is the brand under which Eterno Ivica operates in the field of acoustics construction, continuing along the path traced out since the nineties and proposing in the Italian and foreign market innovative and durable products of the highest quality, both in the sound insulation as well as the sound absorption fields.



Alongside fervent laboratory activities, the Technical Department of the Acoustics Division continues to test their products daily on the construction sites, aware that the lasting result in the work, on the actual building, is the only real objective to be pursued in order to guarantee the customer the best technically achievable acoustic comfort.