Acustica's characteristics

Thanks to the expertise and experience gained in twenty years of production, research and field-testing, the Acoustics Division of Eterno Ivica offers its customers, qualified assistance and professional advice, in order to identify the most appropriate solution for any problems in the field of acoustics.


  • Technical assistance and sound advice in the process of building design

  • Acoustic design for the respect of the passive acoustic requirements of buildings

  • Sound level surveys and determination of the passive acoustic requirements of buildings

  • Acoustic classification of buildings according to UNI 11367

  • Acoustic surveys in civil, industrial and environmental fields

  • Technical and legal assistance such as CTP in court

  • Environmental noise surveys

  • Noise impact assessment

  • Planning interventions of soundproofing and acoustic reclamation

  • Intensity Measurements

  • Measurement and evaluation of the internal acoustic comfort features of the environments (Public exercises, gyms, places of public entertainment)

  • Organization of conferences, seminars and meetings of technical and legal study in all areas of acoustics

  • High durability of the entire product line

  • Experience in the building site over 20 years

  • Team with strong experience in the field

  • Performed more than 5,000 tests in place