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WOODGIPS soundproofing panel of 32 mm thickness and a mass per unit area of 16.5 kg/m2, CE marked according to the UNI EN 14190, obtained from a plaster coated SOUNDBLOCK board with thinned edges coupled to a wood fiber panel from 250 kg/m3 and 19 mm thick. 

By virtue of its mass per unit area and mating with a wood fiber panel, WOODGIPS is used for the sound insulation of partition walls, false walls and false ceilings, and even when there is a simultaneous requirement to improve thermal insulation. Generally it is associated with the SOUNDBLOCK slab board laid in view. It is delivered in boards with the dimensions of 1.20 m x 2.00 m. 

Unless otherwise indicated, the installation is done by adopting the techniques and equipment usually employed in works in ordinary plasterboard.

Woodgips posa

  1. Wall
  2. Ecofibra Panel
  3. Steel structure
  5. Soundblock
  6. Skimming
  7. Paint


  • Board employed to increase both the thermal and acoustic insulation of existing partitions.
  • High mass per unit area.



Superficial hardness Resistance to longitudinal bending Resistance to cross bending  Thermal conductivity λ Water vapour resistance factor μ
< 15 mm 
(impronta della biglia lato cartongesso)
550 N 210 N λ = 0,063 W/mK µ = 7



Код Format Dimensions Thickness Weight
L020112432 pannel 1,20 m x 2,0 m 32 mm 16,5 kg/m2


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