Why choosing Acustica


The experience of Acustica Sistemi, gained over twenty years and thousands of jobs realized, with over 5,000 fi eld tests performed is not only a guarantee of competence, but also in in-depth knowledge of materials and construction systems. All the materials that we propose have been developed in order to ensure the maximum durability in time so as to ensure the stability of acoustic performance for many years.


  • EXPERIENCE, 20 years of gained experience in acoustic building sector
  • KNOWLEDGE, more than 5,000 phonometric surveys performed
  • STABILITY, products designed to guarantee stability in acoustic performances over time 
  • HIGH COMFORT, continue research and improvement of the materials used for guaranteeing high acoustic comfort
  • COMPETENCE, thousands of works made with professionalism and competence 
  • TESTS AND CERTIFICATES, certified and tested materials for a proven quality of the services offered
  • SUPPORT, total technical assistance extended to private individuals, companies and designers
  • VALUE OVER TIME, the quality of the materials guarantees thhe building will keep its value over time