Eterno Ivica always engaged on multiple fronts

Eterno Ivica always engaged on multiple fronts

October 18, 2017


Collaboration with the University of Trieste for a three-year to a research project.

Eterno Ivica invests in research and development 

At a time of great uncertainty in which we are witnessing a general loss investments, Eterno Ivica stands out among Italian companies for the willingness to maintain close relations with the world of education and scientific research.

Eterno Ivica, for many years actively involved with the Foundation ITS RED regarding the formation of future construction professionals, has decided to invest considerable resources in drafting a three-year research agreement with the University of Trieste.

In particular, a collaboration has started aimed at the study of the interaction between acoustic waves and electrical properties of materials; it implies the production of electric current and active noise control.

This area of research fits perfectly in the philosophy of Eterno Ivica, always careful to respect the environment and natural resources.
With this research agreement, the company will explore all opportunities to study the possibility of recovering clean electricity from the noisy environment around us, primarily from the noise of roads, railways and airports.

In addition, Eterno Ivica strongly believes in the possibility of elevating the technological level in the construction world, and therefore wants to explore the possibility of providing active noise insulation; therefore, we are committed not only through the construction of walls and floors that passively contrast the transmission of noise, but also in developing technologically advanced systems. These systems, interacting with domestic environment, can actively counter the propagation of sound waves between environments. These systems, until recently, have been used exclusively in the aeronautical and automotive sectors, and in telecommunications.

Therefore, the University of Trieste and Eterno Ivica will be engaged together in the next three years in research and development of new systems and technologies, and as it has happened often in regards to our company, there is the potential to become a new frontier in building techniques in the near future.