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Gipslight TXT Soundproofing Panel

Gipslight TXT Soundproofing Panel - Suitable for plasterboard walls


Soundproofing panel, with a thickness of 20 mm, suitable for plasterboard walls, composed of a standard plasterboard board, thickness 12.5 mm, paired with a sound-absorbing TXT element.

The TXT product is manufactured using recycled materials and is fully recyclable when the building is taken down. It is made of non woven white fabric, obtained from a mixture of sanitized and sterilized filaments of cotton, linen and wool, glued into sheets with adhesive polypropylene.

The Gipslight TXT soundproofing panel is suitable for improving the airborne sound reduction of existing brick walls, for installation without a metallic frame.

To ensure the best results, we also recommend to install an exposed finishing panel as well.


Instructions for installation:


The Gipslight TXT soundproofing panel when installed without metallic attachment must be positioned with the soft side on the plaster or brick surface, ensuring that it is continuous, flat and without irregularities.

It will be installed with plaster glue, applied with a toothed spatula notched trowel over the entire surface of the panel. We recommend that you install a further plasterboard panel, also glued to the Gipslight panel with plaster glue.

This structure needs then to be attached to the existing wall with an appropriate number of percussion dowels with polypropylene body and nylon plug.

To keep acoustic bridging to a minimum, it is important to use only the minimum number of dowels appropriate to the type and quality of supporting structure.

Afterwards, the panels and the head of the dowels must be plastered and smoothed to obtain a surface ready for painting.

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