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Special massive board of 15 mm thickness and mass per unit area of 13 kg/m2, CE marked according to the UNI EN 14190, Euroclass B - s1, d0, obtained from a SOUNDBLOCK plaster-coated panel with tapered edges, featuring a high-density core reinforced with fiberglass, coupled on one side to a sound-resistant membrane of polyolefin polymers of black color.

The board is coated on one face with white cardboard bearing the screen-printing identification of the material on the back and on the edge. By virtue of its high mass per unit area, BLACKGIPS is used for sound insulation of partition walls, false walls and false ceilings.

Generally it is associated with the SOUNDBLOCK board laid in view. 

Mastergips Black posa

  1. Existing slab
  2. Din Stop Brackets with supplied washer
  3. Ecofibtra P5040
  4. Metallic structure 27 mm x 50 mm
  6. Soundblock


  • Board at an elevated mass per unit area with reduced thickness.
  • Used in applications that require elevated sound insulation in reduced thickness.


It is supplied in boards having a size of 1.20 m x 2.00 m.

Unless otherwise indicated, the installation is done by adopting the techniques and equipment usually employed in works in ordinary plasterboard.


Superficial hardness Resistance to longitudinal bending Resistance to cross bending Thermal conductivity λ Water vapour 
resistance factor μ
Reaction to fire
< 20 mm 
(imprint of the ball on the plasterboard side)
550 N 210 N λ = 0,265 W/mK µ = 9000 B - s1, d0



Código Format Dimensions Thickness Weight
L020092415 Panel 1,20 m x 2,0 m 15 mm 13 kg/m2


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