Training and education are the pillars of the Eternal Ivica mission, values that are realized in the organization of periodic seminars and advanced technical training courses in all areas of acoustics, and more. From the continuous research - that led the company to develop innovative products and materials, efficient and extremely competitive in the field of sound insulation and sound absorption - also drawing lifeblood from training activities, thanks to the company’s desire to share and disseminate technical skills acquired over the years.


Eterno Ivica believes strongly in the value of continuous, highly specialized, training as a tool to allow the professionals and operators in the sector to effectively respond to ongoing needs and market requirements, as well as keep up to date with respect to the relevant regulatory framework.


For this reason, Eterno Ivica has always been committed and proactive in the research activities carried out in collaboration with the University of Trieste and that of Padua, and at the forefront of educational interventions alongside Orders and Professional Colleges.