Eterno Ivica x Pleiadi Science Farmer

Eterno Ivica x Pleiadi Science Farmer

14 de Janeiro de 2022

Eterno Ivica promotes the educational project to discover sound organized by Pleiadi Science Farmer

Pleiadi is a consolidated and active project on the national territory born from the union of several scientists and professionals who have set themselves the goal of building experiences through exhibitions, workshops, school projects, editorial content, educational events and festivals, involving children, adults, schools, universities, citizens, collaborators, companies, families and institutions.

Stimulating curiosity, increasing the ability to think and imagination is their mission: they strongly believe in the importance of experience by implementing a process that, starting from logic, is immediately transformed into experimentation and practical interaction.

We wanted to support the "At school with Pleiades" project because we believe that these education activities are a strong stimulus for the little ones who will thus become more aware and capable men of tomorrow. Specifically, Eterno Ivica, with the "Eterno Ivica for Kids" project, will help educate over 500 children from 21 primary school classes selected in the provinces of Padua, Venice, Vicenza and Verona by developing all the issues related to acoustics: a real journey to discover sound through workshops and experiential paths.
Each stage includes the creation of interactive workshops that will allow children to learn, through innovative and practical teaching, what sound is, the journey it takes to reach our ears and to understand the importance of well-being and acoustic comfort through sound absorption and sound insulation.

The first workshop will be on Wednesday 9 February in a primary school in Mirano, in the province of Venice.

There will then be a final event of the entire project scheduled for May 2022 at the Children's Museum of Verona with distinguished journalists and guests such as the meteorologist Giuliacci.

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