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Resilient tubular element, in expanded polyethylene with closed cells, obtained by extrusion, blue in color, suitable for the sound insulation of exhaust pipes and adduction. The product, available in thicknesses of 5 mm and 10 mm, is supplied in rolls ready for use.

For the sealing of joints in correspondence to the curves and the grafts, the product is available in the adhesive-coated tape format with a thickness of 5 mm.



  • Quick and easy product installation.
  • The use of the adhesive tape allows you to also isolate easily and quickly the curves and the grafts.
  • Available in the most commonly used diameters.


Código Ext. Diameter Thickness Sound Insulation
L010017505 75 mm 5 mm 11 dB
L010028010 80 mm 10 mm 14 dB
L010019005 90 mm 5 mm 11 dB
L010029010 90 mm 10 mm 14 dB
L010011105 110 mm 5 mm 11 dB
L010021110 110 mm 10 mm 14 dB

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