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Mastersound TXT Insulation Membrane

Mastersound TXT Insulation Membrane

Special insulation membrane, composed of a massive viscoelastic sheath, paired with a fibrous TXT element


The Mastersound TXT insulation membrane is made of non woven white fabric, obtained from a mixture of sanitized and sterilized filaments of cotton, linen and wool, glued into sheets with adhesive polypropylene.

Installation instructions:


The membrane must be positioned with the felt side facing the pipe, so that it creates a mass-spring-mass structure. Mastersound TXT is held in place by plastic bands or adhesive tape.

When used for the sound insulation of the boxes for roller shutters or metal sheets, the felt side is left visible and the membrane mechanically attached or glued to the rigid elements.


Perfect for protection against vibrations in any installation:


The Mastersound TXT insulation membrane is particularly suited to wrap drain pipes and for the sound insulation of lightweight structures.

The product is also suitable to insulate vibrating metal sheets and for the boxes of roller shutters.

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