Phonolook Design

Phonolook Design

Mai 23, 2016

The Fonolook is renewed, change skin color and is covered ... here is the Phonolook Design.


Market a sound-absorbing panel even more attractive and versatile than the already technically very performant PHONOLOOK. This was the goal, now achieved, that the Acoustic Division had set.
The historic sound absorber PHONOLOOK was introduced in the catalogs of SOUND SYSTEMS as early as 2008, when the market began to demand an effective and simple answer to the problem of excessive reverberation inside buildings intended for speaking and listening or environments holding many people. At that time, the sound-absorbing panel was created to be applied to the wall or ceiling, a rectangular standard and multiples of 60 cm.
Eterno Ivica is now proud to present the sound-absorbing panel PHONOLOOK DESIGN, an evolution of great aesthetic appeal of its predecessor. The PHONOLOOK DESIGN line is now able to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements of architects and designers, maintaining high performance sound absorption.
The new line of sound-absorbing panels is composed of elements of various shapes and thicknesses, with a wide choice of color shades and two types of fabrics.
Beyond being an aesthetic refinement of the previous technical solution for wall and ceiling, PHONOLOOK DESIGN also contains a varied selection of items for noise reduction inside the offices. In fact, the extensive use of smooth and rough materials and furnishings typical of modern architecture often creates the problem of excessive reverberation within the workplace. Not least, the spread in the Italian system for open plan offices raises the need to place among the desks absorbing shields that are effective and, at the same time, customizable and adaptable to different customer expectations.
New elements can be applied not only on walls and ceilings, but also directly on the desks or on the floor by floor lamps furniture. Indeed, the panels can be rapidly displaceable and adjustable in function of the daily needs of the offices.
From a technical point of view, PHONOLOOK DESIGN is on the market accompanied by a complete range of certification, in particular relating to fire behavior, the recyclability of the materials, washability and, of course, the sound absorption coefficients as a function of the frequency.
The applications of the PHONO LOOK DESIGN Line will be multiple and will be adaptable to all environments in which hearing people speak is important, including offices, schools, meeting rooms, churches, gyms, public places and music rooms.
Finally the effective technique has its maximum aesthetic expression in the service of designers and Residential Customers.

Technical Director ETERNO IVICA s.r.l.
Technician in environmental acoustics


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