Eterno Ivica's first time at Architect@work at Lyon

Eterno Ivica's first time at Architect@work at Lyon

Mai 14, 2018
For the first time, Eterno Ivica will be showcasing its Phonolook range at Architect@work, in Lyon, and trying out the new concept in exhibitions, which we consider to be excellently reworked and will be increasingly successful.

Eterno Ivica takes on the challenge and, starting this year, will be taking part in one of the many events which take place in Italy and abroad under the Architect@work name, a kind of architectural salon.

It's a new kind of exhibition, one that seems here to stay, in that in recent years it has become a quintessential benchmark in architecture and design, although it has been given a complete makeover: screen frames of new exhibits lying in wait, the highest tech, and an accent on design.

It's all designed to entice the visitor into an almost theatrical environment, where one can engage and draw new inspiration, to discover avantgarde solutions and concepts for projects run by professionals of the sector.

The secret to its success (confirmed by the high number of visitors at the end of every event) that brings ever greater turnouts and interest is style with substance:  to fascinate with engaging settings and create interest with highly selective and sound products.

And what better occasion for Eterno Ivica to come forward with its new Phonolook range
For this reason, this year, Eterno Ivica will be at Lyon this June 7th and 8th, exhibiting this range's most prestigious items: Phonolook Design and Phonolook Solution

Sound absorption panels created to fix issues of reverberation in closed off areas, ensuring acoustic comfort and flexibility in all kinds of settings. 
Extremely simple solutions, but highly technological and meticulously designed.
Products that have surpassed the rigorous selection process of Architect@work, raising the bar every year and demanding ever more astounding performance.


Architect@Work 2018 -  Lyon, June 7th & 8th, 2018


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