Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainability Report 2023

11 de octubre de 2023

Eterno Ivica makes green the planet: we have always been oriented toward sustainable development with respect for social responsibility.

The official publication of Eterno Ivica's Sustainability Report for the year 2023 is announced.

With the Sustainability Report, Eterno Ivica continues the path of transparency and sharing with all stakeholders that started long ago. Eterno Ivica continues on the path taken towards the green economy, and confirms its precise commitment that has led to the achievement of important results.

Quality - Ambient - Social Responsability - Safety are the key points defined by Eterno Ivica to support Stakeholders in the pursuit of optimal solutions.

The Social Report offers an overview of the company's reality on all the commitments and goals that are set and the activities carried out internally to pursue them. The basis of the undertaken activities made by the company is always the emphasis placed on the need to operate following the principles of social responsibility and sustainability of the territory.

Through the definition of the key point, Eterno Ivica aims to increase awareness and promote an ideal of knowledge of its social and environmental impact and provides in order to improve its performance and direct its stakeholders to this reality.

Defining the impact, supporting stakeholders in pursuit optimal solutions are basic steps in our operation. We are oriented toward an integrated management system based on:

Quality - Environment - Social Responsability - Ssafety

You can view and download the sustainability report here: