Nueva guía ANIT sobre materiales para aislamiento acústico

Nueva guía ANIT sobre materiales para aislamiento acústico

26 de abril de 2016
Eterno Ivica participa en la elaboración de la nueva guía de ANIT sobre materiales para aislamiento acústico.

It is with satisfaction that we report, after a long gestation, the publication of the new guide ANIT on impact sound deadening materials "performance guidance of resilient materials", guide to Eterno Ivica has actively contributed to write and perform.

It's a job that has seen the Acoustic Division of Eterno Ivica involved for over a year, during which the technicians responsible have worked closely with ANIT and with all representatives of member companies, pledging to give due importance to "creep", parameter commonly called creep.
The creep is a key parameter that indicates how the polymer sheet over time and it is preferable that this value is less than 10% of the material thickness.

An important contribution scientific contribution was provided by article "Time-depending performance of resilient layers under floating floors" published in the respected journal "Construction and Building Materials"; the article exposes the results of several laboratory studies, which lasted for several years, conducted by a team of researchers (m. Cain, f. Bak, l. Macleod, a. Ferluga, o. Sabo, c. Schmid) belonging to the Department of engineering and architecture at the University of Trieste and Acoustically study of Conegliano (TV). Corresponding author is Mr. Ph D. Marcus Cain.

The guide is available free of charge by all members ANIT and is part of a series of periodicals that ANIT publishes constantly to clarify legislation and technical standards related to energy efficiency and the sound insulation of buildings.
The arguments are also explored in the books of the publishing series ANIT "thermal and acoustic insulation.