“Manfredini“ Primary and Secondary School

“Manfredini“ Primary and Secondary School

11 de junio de 2016
School building – Varese – “Manfredini“ Primary and Secondary School Year: 2015 – 2016

“Manfredini” Primary and Secondary School

School building – Varese –
Year: 2015 – 2016
Owner: Bacamul S.p.A. – Babini Cattaneo family
Management: Sant’Agostino Foundation


On January 15th, 2016, the new building of the officially recognized Manfredini school of Varese was inaugurated, in the presence of approximately 800 people between students, parents, local authorities and school staff. The school is situated in the location previously occupied by the former Cornelia tannery, in the Valle Olona neighborhood, in Via Dalmazia, 55.
The project consisted in a major non-routine maintenance of the whole building, with particular attention to the facades and to the realization of all the new indoor partitioning for the creation of classroom and laboratories.

All the partitioning walls were created with a double layer using soundproofing plasterboard sheets (MASTERGIPS BLUE, SOUNDBLOCK and ECOFIBRA polyester fiber in between). The project requirements called for a weighted sound reduction index Rw = 66 dB for the walls (see figure below). 

Approximately 25,000 m2 of soundproofing sheets and over 5,000 m2 of noise dampening materials were delivered to the construction site.