Eterno Ivica is Partner CasaClima

Eterno Ivica is Partner CasaClima

26 de enero de 2016

Eterno Ivica gets recognition of Partner CasaClima, the institution of the province of Bolzano, which deals with the environmental and energy certification of buildings throughout the country.

From 2016 Eterno Ivica, with the acoustic line TXT, boasts the title Partner CasaClima for great technical expertise and constant engagement in research and sustainable development.

Businesses partner CasaClima stand out for their act responsible and for the common goal in creating a world for tomorrow. With the determination to transform production and services sectors, Eterno Ivica helps support the mission of CasaClima: "living healthy and environmentally-friendly places".

To become a Partner CasaClima should be made Partner CasaClima's courses, which are intended to illustrate CasaClima's idea of energy and sustainability concept. The technical training course within the company lasted more than a year and saw the recognition of competent and qualified figures to take advantage of roles and titles that guarantee then, when advice, features needed in energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, quality of life of users and transparency.

TXT line we reached an important objective in the construction industry by offering quality design closer to natural rhythms, and in line with those that are our guidance towards innovation and excellence in the development, the continuous research to maintain high product quality and proven efficiency in services.