Acoustics on the way to Europe

Acoustics on the way to Europe

06 de septiembre de 2022

Phonolook Acoustics by Eterno Ivica was chosen by numerous important design studios for prestigious building sites.

Phonolook Acoustics has been chosen by some important design studios for the sound proof of slabs and walls of a real estate of great prestige and size.

The designer and the clients included "silence" and eco-sustainability of our range of TXT base products and the Acoustic line.

TXT products originate from recycled linen, cotton and silk, they are patented and 100% Made in Italy.


The products chosen for the realization were Ecotex TXT and Sonarwood TXT.

Ecotex TXT consisting of 7 mm of TXT fabric combined with a polyethylene vapour barrier, it offers exceptional acoustic insulation performance combined with a compressive creep of 5%, the best benchmark in soundproofing mats.

Sonarwood TXT is a sound insultation product for the space between walls, it is made up by a sandwich of 45 mm thick, made from recycled wood fibre with TXT fabric in between, resulting in a soundproofing power at the highest level on the market.

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